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Cabo: The Culinary Destination

People visit Cabo for the ocean views, the luxury, the adventure – and, not least, the farm-to-table cuisine. People buy a home here so they can enjoy these whenever they like.

In addition to all the other advantages, buying a home in Los Cabos, Mexico gives you ready access to some of the best culinary delights that the country has to offer.

Whether you prefer Mexican chocolate clams, traditional guemes tamales, Japanese cuisine, dragon fruit, or comida de pobres as you sip one of the many wines of Valle de Guadalupe, the farm-to-table restaurants and famous chefs of Cabo cater to you and other connoisseurs from around the world.

Ubiquitous Farm-to-Table Dining

Restaurants in other regions may feature dishes using produce brought in from other parts of the country or the world. But Los Cabos restaurants obtain their ingredients from local farms, often directly. The farm-to-table eateries create their menus based upon what is in season locally.

El Huerto, one of Los Cabo’s newest restaurants, offers Mediterranean, International, Asian, and local choices. It features flavorful foods, generous portions, and a variety of dietary options.

⦁Part of a large farm, ⦁Flora⦁’⦁s Field Kitc⦁h⦁en serves food that is made, grown, and raised right on the property. ” All meats served at Flora’s Field Kitchen come from our nearby 150-acre ranch, where animals are humanely raised on diets that do not include hormones or antibiotics.”

Agua by Larbi at One⦁&⦁Only Palmilla features the farm-to-table creations of chef Larbi Dahrouch. His menu changes seasonally and sometimes daily depending on what produce is currently available in the on-site organic garden located in ⦁Palmilla.

Since food picked when it is at peak freshness tends to be very flavorful, farm-to-table operations like these don’t need to dress up their food with complicated sauces and elaborate preparation. The freshness speaks for itself.

Renowned Wineries

About two thirds of Mexico’s wine comes from more than one hundred wineries along La Ruta del Vino in the Valle de Guadalupe of northern Baja. The Valle de Guadalupe has been called the Napa Valley of Mexico because of its thousand-foot elevation and Mediterranean microclimate, ideal for growing the grapes used to make the area’s popular red wines.

Notable wineries here include Adobe Guadalupe, with a tasting room in an old Mission-style building; Monte Xanic, which requires advance reservations; and L.A. Cetto, the biggest producer of table wines in Mexico, founded in 1928.

World-Famous Chefs

Many of the fine dining options in Los Cabos showcase the talents of world-renowned chefs.

⦁Jean-Georges Vongerichten is the Michelin-star chef of ⦁SEARED at One⦁&⦁Only Palmilla, an elegant boutique steakhouse featuring custom cuts of meat and breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortes.

⦁Angel Carbajal and Masayuki Nikura are owners of ⦁Nicksan, the premier sushi restaurant in Los Cabos.

⦁Enrique Olvera designed ⦁Manta, the culinary centerpiece of The Cape: A. Thompson. “Baja has a Pacific influence, so that’s why we’re playing around with Peruvian and Japanese flavors,” Olvera says. “A sashimi, a tiradito, and a Mexican ceviche have a common language. It’s fun to combine those things.”

⦁Gustavo Pinet is the executive chef at ⦁Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal, where diners pick their seafood entrée from shaved ice. The fish is then weighed, grilled with an assortment of fresh chiles, and served with soup and salad.

You can enjoy continuous access to this world-class regional cuisine, one of Cabo’s many appealing features, by buying a home here, and doing so is easier than you may assume. Contact our knowledgeable real estate agents to start looking for your luxury home today.