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Saltwater in Our Veins

Cabo homeowners appreciate that Los Cabos is all about the water.

Although Los Cabos is still a little fishing village, it has also grown to encompass many other water activities. Each of the exclusive Cabo developments has its own aquatic adventure teams for surfing, scuba, snorkel, spearfish, and fishing. Every kind of paddle-bike, SEABOB, and water toy is available at these developments.

When you’re not feeling particularly athletic, there are endless sights to see, like hundreds of whales per day during whale season. Or just amble along the beach and see where the day takes you. Even the sand is your recreational ally here. We get the best. Our sand consists of large grains that brush off and don’t stick to your shoes and britches the way it does in other lands and beaches.

Swim With the Biggest Sharks

Although whale sharks are the largest species of shark — and fish — in the world, they pose no threat to Los Cabos adventurers. They attack plankton, not people. Few experiences can match the thrill of swimming alongside them.

Jet Ski to See Upscale Cabo Real Estate

Some of the most impressive Cabo real estate hugs the shoreline. Gliding along vast stretches of azure water on a high-powered jet ski is a great way to glimpse these beautiful properties, as well as beautiful tropical fish, dolphins, and fauna.

Flyboard Above the Waves


Image Caption: Several local Cabo companies offer private lessons in flyboarding, a real treat for those of adventurous spirit.

Image Alt: Flyboarding in the Sea

Image Title: Cabo Offers Flyboarding Water Activities

One of the newest water sports in Los Cabos is flyboarding, i.e., riding a board that uses water propelled through a hose to thrust you above the waves. After a short training session, you’ll be able to fly over the surf, shifting your weight on the board to dive and soar. It is a unique experience.

Explore the Undersea World

Snorkeling is a great way to explore the small rock formations and reefs where the tropical fish hang out. Santa Maria Cove and Chileno Beach are two of the best places around Los Cabos to engage in this venerable pastime.

Live in a Yellow Submarine


Image Caption: The rock formations at the southern end of Cabo San Lucas called Land’s End were created by the turbulent wind and seas of the southern Baja Peninsula.

Image Alt: Land’s End in Cabo

Image Title: Rock Formations of Cabo

If you are captivated by the ocean but swimming isn’t your strong suit, try taking a ride in a semi-submersible yellow submarine. You will be able to enjoy iconic views of Land’s End and the Cabo shoreline and, when you are below the top deck, to see turtles and fish swimming underwater.

Enjoy Open Water Tours

Los Cabos is an annual destination for humpback whales, whale sharks, and dolphins seeking warmer waters. Under the careful supervision of dolphin trainers, swimming with dolphins in an enclosed pool is safe for everyone, including kids, and is an unforgettable experience.

Sail to Gain a New Perspective on Los Cabos

Cabo sailing adventures will give you a fresh perspective on the city, letting you see all the sparkling lights and luxurious homes while at sea. Many captains will also stop to let you snorkel, paddleboard, kayak, or watch whales for a bit if you like.

Why enjoy water activities like these only occasionally when you can purchase a home in Los Cabos and enjoy them whenever the mood strikes? For help finding your Cabo dream home, contact our experienced real estate professionals today.